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outside at the u.s. capitol dome. >> -- all eyes on on the vice presidential debate. >> happy thursday. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm tony perkins in for sarah simmons this morning. turn is here with the good word on what we can expect today as far as our weather. >> i'm wearing the red and blue. >> i got on purple. >> i don't know. >> there is always tomorrow to get it right. >> hopefully, there is tomorrow. >> all right. let's get to weather. it will be cool if you are heading to the game this afternoon. if you are working out in the yard, that kind of thing, cool as well. generally in the 40s. it has just fallen into the 40s here in the city. there is a live look at your satellite picture. most of the cloud cover is well to our north and to northern new england, upstate new yo. we are looking at fine conditionsen unlike yesterday, -- looking at fine conditions unlike yesterday. reagan national, right now at 49 degrees. 45 at dulles. bwi marshall, 46 degrees. here is your forecast for today. again, temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. we'll go 62 here in town. but notice mos
of a breeze here out of the north and west. that will be with us for i agood portion of the day. that will lock in the cool for the day. high temperature in the mid- 60s. we'll show you the regional temperatures. 35 in columbus. 44 in detroit. i think we will cool down into the low 40s later tonight and early tomorrow morning but lots of sunshine, should be a beautiful looking day. it will be a little breezy at times an a little cool with highs in the mid-60s. 64 in leonardtown. and let's see 62 in hagerstown for an afternoon high. >> all right. just loving those temperatures. they'll look great. >> nice time of year. >> time now to talk to julie wright. she has our on-time traffic. hello. >> hey, wisdom. all right, you guys. traveling along eastbound 66, this is where we find the crew in sky fox, not too windy for the boys today. good morning, jeremy. traveling eastbound along 66 headed eastbound from manassas headed in towards centreville. you will find a stretch of slow traffic leaving fair oaks headed eastbound towards 123. liz, do we have the shot from sky fox. we have heav
buildings there. people are still trying to deal with this as the storm is still around but north of us. >> the worst is over by far here. things are winding down. still some rain showers out there this morning. locally, we are still getting some rain but the very gusty wind are a thing of the past. so that is good news. let's get to the hd radar. let me show you the rain showers that continue for fall across the area. you can see there that we've got some rain owers that have reappeared here in the past hour off to the west and to the north. so could be a scattered shower in your forecast to start your day. but the trend will be i think just generally cloudy this afternoon with lighter winds and some cool temperatures. highs only expected to be in the mid-50s later today. the good news, i know we got trick or treaters. late this afternoon, maybe a little sunshine. and just kind of cool with temperatures falling back into the 40s here by dusk. temperature right now at reagan national, 43 degrees. 43 in leonardtown. 39 out in win chester. it is definitely chilly out there in gaithersburg
training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >>> the nats will try to break the tie on their own home turf. we are live at nat park with a preview of all the excitement. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. >>> good morning. big day out there at nats park. playoffs coming here. >> that's right history. >> this is huge. >> it is wednesday, october 10th. excitement is building. we'll check in with dave ross down at nats park in just a bit. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. time now to check with the weather. >> you think one or two kids might be skipping school to see the game. i remember in the late 70s kipping school to go see the oriole playoffs. >> that explains why you didn't do so well in school. >> that particular year, i don't really remember. and the orioles lost the world series too. >> man! >> let's take a look. it will be fine today. it will be a lot nicer than it was yesterday. yesterday only in the 60s. today, close to 70. but more sunshine in the forecast as well.
gust earlier close to 40 in ocean city. they're a few hours ahead of us in terms of the storm. let me mention again, the rainfall will be heavy enough that we'll have some flooding issues as well. five to 10 inches of rain. >> and did you even mention the snow yet? >> not this go-round. >> that is for the next time. >> couldn't even get this one in. >> a blizzard warning out to the west as well. >> we've got a lot to get to. we had a stalled car 95 and 212- 6789 that has been moved out of the way. typically, roads such as beach drive tend to flood easily so we've already got them blocked off right now in preparation for flooding and storm damage. little falls parkway the same between massachusetts avenue and river road. that is already blocked off in case of storm damage and sligo creek parkway between rain wave and piney branch. metro, no service until further notice. amtrak, the northeast corridor service is suspended. winds restricts already in effect for those traveling out towards the bay bridge which means empty box trailers, trail are themselves that are not full of anything ca
of dense fog. right now a few high clouds drifting over us. we do have rain on the way. a lot of this is going to stay to our south today. eventually, this area of rain, tennessee valley into kentucky, that's going to be moving our way by this evening, interrupting the nats game, maybe even delaying it. between now and then, increasing clouds still in the 40s. by noon 60s. late afternoon near 70. a look at your first 4 traffic this morning with danella. good morning. >> good morning, tom. >>> starting with the rails, if you're traveling on the brunswick east line marc train, seeing two delays, both six minutes, on train number 890 as well as 872. over to the roadways, i-95 is starting to slow down in virginia. let's talk about delays. from route 17 you are sluggish. steady delays as you head towards triangle. then again, slow in the dale city area. stop and go as you make your way past route 1. here's a live look at route 1 in virginia. you can see volume in this area. the good news, not seeing any accidents on i-95. you are starting to slow down. aaron, over to you. >> thank
not want to commit to the inner loop of the beltway. we are told that this will be with us, quote, for a while. this is also a few spill involved with the crash. the inner loop remains blocked at 355 until further notice. the big delay at the decision point to go north on 207 or go east on the beltway. -- on 270 or go east on the beltway. instead of continuing around that big curve after the exit for 270, just ride it north and come back on 355. we do have accident activity northbound on the george washington parkway approaching the memorial bridge. this is what is tying up the left lane. you are nate backup leaving the roosevelt bridge as you continue northbound headed out towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. . >>> in this morning's top stories, a man is under arrest after police say he threw a bottle with a lit fuse on the floor of the ballston common mall food court. it happened during the lunch rush yesterday. it never exploded and there were no injuries. the suspect was arrested a short time later. what you are looking at is cell pho
some fog develop across the area. 62 at reagan national. should be a good looking day for us with partly sunny conditions and another mild day. 57 your daytime high in washington. enjoy these warm temperatures. i can guarantee next week the chill will be on. >> thank you. >>> time now to hit the roads with julie wright. >> okay. you guys, out here on the highway, you will find that your lanes are open southbound along 270 with no issues reported coming inbound. here we are live coming south from hyattstown. no issues reported southbound on 95 or 295. this is northbound i-95 in virginia approaching triangle. heavy volume leaving stafford at this point headed north. delays continued as you make your exit for newington headed up toward the franconia springfield parkway. john mar drive closed at backlick road. accident activity south of 236. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraff. . >>> the big story, scandal rocking the re-elect campaign of virginia congressman jim moran. >> his son, patrick moran, stepped down as the campaign's field director after being caught on
is actually a great big h. that is an area of high pressure which will keep us nice and sunny the next couple of days. temperature, it is cool, 50 at reagan national. 37 at dulles and much of the area just to the north and west of the city has fallen back into the 30s. it's cool start. 46 at b wait a minute marshall. here your forecast for today. high temperatures a little warmer than yesterday. we'll go 72 here in town. 70 in fredericksburg. a little cooler off to the north and west. 66 the forecast high in frederick. >> so sort of like the carbon copy of yesterday. >> we got in the mid-60s yesterday. warmer than yesterday but just a few degrees. >> perfect, we'll take it. >> and sunny. >> it is a bonanza. >> julie wright joining us now. i don't use the word bonanza very often but i think it might be. >> i might have to steal that. i like it. on the roads, you will find we are quite busy. we are dealing with eastbound 66 coming inbound approaching 50 fair oaks. we had an accident along the left side of the roadway. heads up working your way inbound leaving centreville headed in towards the a
, i would tell you guys to head over to the bw parkway and use that as an alternate. early this morning, we had accident activity at 410. that crash has cleared. lanes are open but it is a little bit heavier than what you are used to southbound on the bw parkway coming there from 410. this is a live picture from sky fox. only one lane to the left getting by. we've got problems to report right now if you are out on the roadways. we have accident activity and clean-up along route 50. this happens to be the top stretch of the beltway at colesville road. no incidents to report for those continuing past college park headed over towards 270- 6789 27 -- towards 270. the lanes here are open. that is long piney church road near la plata road and billingsly. piney church blocked off in each direction. each direction. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> president obama is showing a slight lead this morning in polls. his he can changes with republican nominee mitt romney were noticeably more heated than the first round actually cbs news poll shows president obama as the
you're watching us. >> i saw that four and -- >> can you feel t it is definitely fall in the air. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. -- you can feel it. it is definitely fall in the air. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> tucker barnes leaves and he leaves you with this. >> i think mother nature is a football fan. she is just giving us that nice football weather. >> the leaves are going to turn. >> isn't it supposed to be chilly during football season? >> he is not a football weather fan. yes, it is nippy out there. a light sweater or jacket as you head out. here is our fox 5 accu-weather satellite-radar composite showing you the clouds that are streaming in across the area. man -- many of you dealing with patchy fog this morning so visibility is reduced. we have wet weather heading our way later today. 42 at dulles. i'll say it's close to 30 in wisdom's backyard because he is complaining too much. to the west, freeze and frost advisories and warnings for you. you have a freeze warning for western allegheny, grant, mineral, highland and pendleton. pendleton. this until 9:00 this morning. by today
. let us know as well out there, west virginia, people in maryland, what you are seeing and experiencing. sounds like a dangerous situation out there. >> there was a blizzard warning out threat too so visibility down to nothing. >> thank you. >>> let's get to julie wright to see what is happening on the commute. >> all right. i'm just going to piggyback on what gwen was saying. just a little bit of water can send you guys into hide low planing especially if you are driving too fast. overhead signs in maryland warning that speed restricts have been made. on all maryland highways, no more than 45 miles per houren and quite honestly, that is a little too fast in my opinion. you just don't know what you will run up against tree debris, storm damage. proceed with caution. if you got to be out here on the roads this morning, allow extra time and just slow it down. play it safe if you have to be out here. we are dealing with a lot of flooding, wood burn south of gallows road for the flooding. burke lake road and rolling road had's of an accident i-95 approaching triangle. route 1 at 2 # 6 for f
dead but no hostages were taken. the man has not been identified but there are reports that he used to work at the hotel and the incident may have been a personal dispute. personal dispute. >>> to the campaign trail now. president obama will be in fairfax later on this morning at george mason university. his speech and one later today in ohio will focus on the economy. >> president obama is also working to encourage more people to register to vote. the voter registration deadline in virginia is october 15th. republican presidential nominee mitt romney will deliver a speech on foreign policy next monday at virginia military institute in lexington. romney and his running mate, paul ryan, campaigned in fisherville, virginia yesterday. though it didn't come up in we had night's debate, romney is talking about his 47% comment again saying his choice of words was, quote, wrong. more on that coming up later on in this hour. in this hour. >>> an alert now for women in fairfax county. police are looking if a suspected serial fondler. >> he has approached at least five women, usual hi from be
. they are accused of using excessive force in assaulting student jack mckenna during a victory celebration after a basketball game. and that beating was caught on tape. a student recorded the assault from a dorm room window. it shows officers in riot gear striking mckenna with bettal batons. he was walking on a sidewalk, was hit repeatedly when he approached officers who were on horse back. this all occurred after a spontaneous celebration that followed the terps' victory over rival duke in march of 2010. students swarmed into the street along route 1. police said they were unruly and out of control burn be trash cans be tearing down signs and throwing things at officers. more than 30 people were ford disorderly conduct, mostly students including mccane a. his lawyers say he suffered a concussion and contusions. now, initially, mckenna was also charged with assault on a police officer. all of the charges against him were dropped after that video surfaced. -- more than 0 people were arrested for disorderly conduct, mostly students including mckenna. >>> president obama not holding events today bu
romney. >>> another big decision voters will make two weeks from today. the oner of virginia's u.s. senate race. this morning, george allen joins us live for an extended interview. we are talking with him in our next hour. democrat tim kaine will be with us next tuesday. next week, the candidates will debate live here on fox 5 morning news. that is next wednesday, october 31, starting at 9:00 a.m. if you have a question for one of the candidates, send it to us. >>> some other top stories now. the fda is investigating monster energy drinks after the deaths of five people including a 14-year-old girl from hagerstown, maryland. anais fornier died from cardiac arrhythmia after drinking two 24-ounce drinks in one day. she had a genetic disorder that weakened her blood vessels. her family blames monster for failing for warn about the risks. >>> the trial of a former fbi agent accused of killing a teenager while driving drunk resumes today in prince george's county. crash killed 18-year-old lawrence garner and seriously injured his best friend. authorities say that adrian johnson was drun
continues right now. right now. >>> live look outside right now. tuesday, october 9th at the u.s. capitol dome. we've got a little bit of rain and a little bit of chill in the air as we start our second day of the week. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. lets ahe say good morning to gwen tolbart who is filling in for tucker barnes who is enjoying a few days off. perfect for him to be leaving and leaving you with the rainy, dreary weather. >> he went wherever the sun is, that is fors impacting the visibility. you can see the rain is starting to move its way out. it is taking its time but it will not be in the picture by the time we head into this afternoon. let's take a look at our temperatures right now. we do have a cool start into the morning. 49 take at reagan national airport, 46 at dulles and 48 at bwi thurgood marshall. we do have a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 a.m. across the allegheny front. it should be 58 degrees for our high today, not 62. mostly cloudy skies and not a lot of sunshine. but the good news in the seven- day forecast is that we hav
that will get in here later today. bring us a few clouds but you will notice the win are going to shift out of the north and west and give is a good push of cool air along with pretty good breezes later this afternoon. even though temperatures will top out in the mid-60s, it will get very breezy around here and then later tonight, our temperature are going to fall off very quickly in time for the game tonight. temperature at reagan national, 48 degrees. dulles, 37. bwi marshall now down to 40. very cool morning. here is your forecast for today. high temperatures topping out in the mid-60s. 65 here in town. and 67 in leonardtown. should be a nice, sunny day. getting breezy later this afternoon. >> that is not bad. it will be cool if not cold tonight for the game. >> i'll have details on that in just a minute. >> time to check in with julie wright and see what is happening on the morning commute. >> things are getting a little busy now. we do have reports of accident activity on the ramp from quantico to go northbound on i- 95 possibly involving an overturned vehicle. this is coming from quan
no >>> happy wednesday, everyone. it is october 24th. live look outside right now at the u.s. capitol dome on an unseasonably warm day in october. >> i think it is 61 degrees. for for this time of the morning, kind of strange. not bad though. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's talk with tucker barnes now and get the latest on the weather. >> we have some clouds rolling through and maybe a sprinkle for the start of your morning. otherwise, any time you are talking about 80 degrees in october, that is bonus weather. >> we love bonus weather. >> 61 at reagan national. 60-- >> ooh, we're going down. >> a few light sprinkles touching the ground. much of this is what we call virga. another mild afternoon with temperatures topping out in the 80s. in washingtoning we'll go 80. quantico, 81. -- in washington, we'll go 80. if you are south and west of the city, you could be in the low 1r0. >> fredericksburg hit 84 yesterday? >> yes, it did. -- if you are south and west of the city, you could be in the low 80s. >> nothing wrong with that. >> a busy morning on 95 already. >> you got that r
to the north and west at 13. time frame for us would be later on sunday. i think by sunday afternoon, sunday night, we'll start to get some rain in here and monday, tuesday will be the main event us for. right now, it is looking like landfall could be as close as the delaware bay. that would be a major impact across the mid-atlantic. let's do some local weather and 63 at reagan national. your friday forecast looks fine. no issues today. no issues tomorrow. it won't be beautiful outside but we won't be looking at any rain. a little fog to start your day. might be a little drizzle in a spot or two. let's see if the fog is doing anything to the commute this morning. let's check in with julie wright and get the latest. >> so far, so good. we are off fay quiet start around the capital beltway. southbound bw parkway and nursery road checking for accident activity here at this location. if you are traveling 359 at the 14th street bridge coming out of virginia headed over to the southeast-southwest freew crossing over the pat -- over the potomac. traffic volume moving at speed south of father hurl
be consumed while agents are off duty but alcohol use is protected within 10 hours of reporting for duty. you may recall an inspector general's investigation found six secret service agents brought prostitutes back to their hotel room in colombia back in april. k in april. >>> you may notice more students than usual walking to school today. we'll have more on that coming up income. >> this is one lucky little dog. we have got her incredible story of survival when fox 5 morning news continues. we'll be right back. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. [ dari
that could bring us a period of showers later tonight and perhaps thunderstorms into the overnight hour. -- it will be nice and dry for most of the morning session and headed home from school. remember yesterday, dulles was bottoming out in the upper 30s. this morning, it is 51 at dulles. here is your forecast for today. high temperatures, upper 60s and low 70s just like yesterday. increasing clouds with, again, a chance for rain late, particularly west and i think the rest of us will get it tonight. >> okay. thank you. >>> time now to say hello to julie wright and see what is happening during the morning commute. been very busy this morning. >> we've had some major tie-ups to report around town because we had late-clearing construction on the beltway mps we had accident activity on the northbound side near father hurley boulevard. that has cleared. now, 66, wall-to-wall traffic early this morning coming in fr manassas but right here heaving fair oaks towards 123. heavier than usual but the lanes are open continuing in towards that capital beltway. no trouble spots to report for those c
jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland. these appliances could have been made here in america. but a company called global tech maximized profits by paying its workers next to nothing... under sweatshop conditions in china. when mitt romney led bain, they saw global tech as a good investment... even knowing that the firm promoted its practice of exploiting... low-wage labor to its investors. mitt romney - tough on china? since when? >>> turkey fired on more targets inside syria this morning. the skirmish sharply raises tensions between the two neighbors and prompted nato to convene an unusual emergency meeting overnight. turkey is now asking the united nations security council to take action. take action. >>> the cdc now says the number of men i thinkites cases has reining to 26 in five states and killed four. the outbreak is a rare form of the infect stemming from a steroid inject used to treat back pain. two people have died from it in maryland
. she is giving us the information on our morning commute. >> be careful. they might hit back. you never know. single tracking between van ness and dupont circle. they are single tracking because of a track problem outside of woodley park. allow additional time to the red line this morning on metro. i've got accident activity loi dale road north of newington road. miss are on the scene directing you buy. occoquan at route one for the latest accident and northbound i-95 well below speed leaving route 3 continuing out towards 630, courthouse road. almost a 20 hint ride northbound alone on i-95. wet pavement to accompany this commute southbound 270. the pace improves only to slow again approaching 124 in gaithersburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. >>> the big story this morning, d.c. sports fans have reason to celebrate. the nats won the nl east. >> is in the team's first title since moving to d.c. eight years ago. fox 5's dave ross is live outside nats park, home of the division champion with some reaction. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: how good
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23